Examples of Business & Non-Profit Projects

Examples of C4IOE’s Completed Business Client Projects:
(for non-profit projects see further below)
Re-engineering & organizational change related to automation; knowledge management, curriculum & certification process for operations
Provided job analysis, re-engineering strategies and recommendations and organizational development across several years to a pipeline client to support their company-wide automation initiative. Analyzed technical/operations positions across eastern U.S. and proposed recommendations for restructuring. Evaluated performance and evaluation practices, then developed curriculum and delivered certified operator and certified Trainer-Coach programs across the corporation – 7 sites in the U.S. Developed curriculum, training guide and evaluation processes for control center and scheduling departments. Also developed a strategy for driving knowledge and retention throughout the organization. Facilitated engagement team meetings and action planning. Facilitated training requirements team through review of hundreds of training requirements for all employees, developing team charter, process for review of requirements, etc. Co-facilitated a global trends/people trends & planning (diversity) training program with attorney, for unity council of client.


Development & facilitation of leadership development process and business development projects
Developed leadership development process for healthcare system, including 360 and other assessments of
leaders, didactic sessions, business development for team projects, facilitation of teams, coaching &
feedback, evaluation of process and linkage to business goals. Conducted assessments, developed
Individual Development Plans (IDPs). Served as project coordinator, session facilitator (with other
consultants), coach of several participants and advisor to senior leadership team. Facilitated sessions
including topics of: business plan development, marketing research, people trends & planning,
etc. Facilitated the development and work of three project teams to develop new business concepts/services
for the health system, conduct research, vet the financials and implement.


Counsel regarding reverse acquisition, people/process integration and culture change/assimilation, change readiness & management
Provided counsel to a business unit head (Europe & Asia) of a large global corporation, regarding a reverse acquisition for one of their new product innovations, including retention/assimilation of culture of acquired company, change readiness and issues pre/post acquisition related to locations in India and the Netherlands.


Performance management system, salary restructure, organizational competencies & communication
Provided counsel to a manufacturing client regarding the redesign of their performance management process and alignment of human resource strategies, as well as the creation of an action plan. Redesigned the format of job descriptions, provided counsel to rewrite 80 job descriptions, and conducted a market analysis with an external salary survey and evaluation of all salaries. Redesigned their Performance Management Process to include the creation of organization-wide competencies, based on a competency model developed.


Facilitation of gainshare/profit-sharing committee & task force
Facilitated factory gainshare (profitshare) committee to improve goal attainment percentage through performance improvement discussions and implementation of several interventions (e.g. team training to work on improvement issues as a team/group). Facilitated plant task force through problem solving process regarding raw material yields. Process revealed the possible cause of the problem and steps to test the cause. Possible cause was tested and found to be the true cause of the issue with yields.


Project planning & learning for project team
Facilitated a cross-functional project team of a Malcolm-Baldridge winner (client) to develop strategy for a multi-million dollar product. Taught and facilitated the team through Hoshin planning (divergent and convergent practices) including: identification of mission, brainstorming, prioritization of strategies & objectives, and developing a project plan with responsibilities. Also provided learning opportunity to employees regarding problem solving & decision making.


Change management, execution of transition from reactive/push/transactional business practices to proactive/pull/strategic business practices
Developed and executed culture change of business practices from transactional to strategic, as all business units interacted with the OD&T group. Initially developed communication plan and roll-out strategy for all U.S. & Canadian locations, and then revamped strategy when initial roll-out produced diminished results. The revamped strategy worked so well, along with changed business/OD&T practices, that operations group saw significant improvements and OD&T gained full support of Operations VP. 


Culture assimilation; valuing diversity; climate surveys
Assessed the culture of a newly acquired business unit and provided recommendations to executive group. Designed/developed and implemented a “valuing diversity” training program, including three climate surveys for one division of a manufacturing client.


Facilitation of team to develop operator training manuals
Facilitated and counseled a cross-functional/cross-level task force of a manufacturing client to design an operator training program, including process and procedures for program and format of the operator training manuals.


Business needs assessment process; organizational change; improvement consulting; leadership development process, including assessments
Designed and facilitated a business needs assessment process for a manufacturing client’s plant leadership team using a quadrant model to define needed improvement interventions and changes. Process was so successful that they made plans to submit the process as a “best practice” for the entire corporation. Developed and facilitated a nation-wide coaching/leadership training program, including 360 and personality assessments, for all supervisors and managers delivered in three locations nationally for a manufacturing client. Program was developed as part of a change process to transition supervisors and managers to a more effective style of leadership.


Strategic planning and project planning
Facilitated international senior leadership team through strategic planning process to refine vision, develop strategies, and develop objectives, timeframes and responsibilities. Also facilitated a cross-functional project team through a project planning process to move toward improved sales and quality of a multi-million product/service. Product/service has had significant improvements and increased sales. Also facilitated a strategic planning process with a newly acquired company of this client.


Session for executive retreat – People Trends & Strategies
Facilitated a learning and planning session during the executive retreat regarding People Trends and Strategies. Worked with senior leadership team to develop people strategies that reflected and responded to market and people trends.


Training for trainers
Designed/developed and implemented a "professional presentation skills" training program, including individualized coaching and feedback for several manufacturing, banking, and hi-tech Clients. Evaluated effectiveness & provided feedback during videotaped presentation segments. Also provided a "train the trainer" course for a banking Client.
Leadership development process (4 months) & leadership assessment design; productivity assessment
Designed & implemented a Leadership development program for all levels of leadership for a food processor client. (approximately 230 people from first-line leader to executives). Designed 360 degree leadership assessment process. Developed/facilitated process for Spanish-speaking leaders. Involved leaders in productivity assessment and development process for all employees. Reduced turnover by 35% pre to post development process.


Organizational design & structure for Tech spin-off; organizational planning with new leadership
team; change management
Developed organizational structure for tech spin-off with new leadership team and consulted on best practices and risk assessment. Consulted on the design of functional areas/structure, environment/culture development, values, leadership, strategies, performance management and direction of organization.


Organizational assessment, leadership development, process restructuring, executive coaching & communication processes
Conducted a performance assessment of the organizational processes, culture and leadership of an international yacht. Designed interventions to drive change including – restructuring processes for selection, evaluation, development, including tools. Designed and delivered a leadership program for the international head staff and captain of the yacht. Provided executive coaching to drive performance improvement.


Human resources & organizational practices
Developed a performance evaluation process for medical practice, including developing competencies and weighted scoring protocol. Provided recommendations regarding the redesign of HR practices and the employee handbook.


Executive coaching, leadership assessments & readiness and style of change management
People/Leadership assessments/surveys, including web-based Checkpoint 360, ProfileXT, MBTI, DISC, various “home-grown” 360’s, design of assessments/surveys to help assess individual readiness for change. Assessments used with groups of executives/leaders to assess group or team readiness for change and ability and style of change management.


Development & facilitation of leadership development program
Designed and facilitated a leadership & management program to approximately 90 supervisors and managers of a publications client. Program was developed as part of a change process to transition supervisors and managers to a more effective style of leadership.


Counsel & facilitation support for self-directed work-teams (operations “pods” and just-in-time practices)
Provided counsel & facilitation support to operations leaders regarding new plant structure that used self-directed operations “pods” or teams and initiated just-in-time inventory practices.
Conflict management and conflict assessment
Developed and facilitated a conflict management program for a leadership group of a military supplier, including a conflict assessment to provide feedback/learning for group.


Facilitation of team for redesign of staffing process, creation of competencies & criteria
Developed and facilitated a “Best Practices of Staffing and Recruiting” program for a chemical processing client. Also facilitated client leadership team to redesign their staffing process, including creating and aligning the process with job competencies/measures, integrating behavioral interviewing, and defining required criteria. 


Performance management, development of competencies; alignment with compensation structure
Provided counsel to a high-tech manufacturing client regarding the redesign of their performance management process and alignment of base and variable compensation structures. Redesigned the performance management process to include the creation of organization-wide competencies.


Career coaching
Provided coaching regarding career development and/or transition to many professionals and executives in a variety of fields.


Executive coaching, leadership assessments & readiness, and style of change management
People/leadership assessments/surveys including web-based Checkpoint 360, Profile XT, MBTI, DISC, etc. Design of assessments/surveys to help assess individual readiness for change. Assessments used with groups of leaders for various clients.


Executive development and performance management process recommendations. Facilitation of Preventing Sexual Harassment programs
Provided counsel to a financial services company to design an executive development process and provided recommendations for performance management process. Developed and facilitated Preventing Sexual Harassment program for employees at multiple locations.


Facilitation of a performance management training program
Discussed current performance management practices and provided recommendations. Developed and facilitated a 16-hour performance management program for a manufacturing client.


Development & facilitation of communication program
Developed and facilitated a communication & customer service program for a distributor of a fortune 500.


Examples of C4IOE’s Completed Non-Profit Client Projects


Organizational & management strategies; organizational performance; organizational design, planning & capacity building
Conducted an external survey of salary levels and organizational/management practices for a hospital foundation. Conducted 360 leadership assessment and aptitude assessment for executive director, board president & staff. Provided feedback/coaching to staff. Provided consultative support to executive director and board regarding board governance, relationship to affiliated hospital, management practices, organizational structure and direction. Provided recommendations regarding staff performance evaluation practices. Developed balanced score-card goals & measures to assess organizational performance. Developed and facilitated board retreat – focused on strategic direction. Provided consultative feedback to CEO of hospital regarding foundation and development.


Business plans, earned income/social enterprise ventures, feasibility studies
Provided consulting support to various non-profits and businesses to develop and write their business plans – the creation of a business plan to provide a sustainable income source to the non-profit organization, and provided ongoing consulting support as plans were implemented. Also provided counsel to various for-profit businesses that wanted to develop a mission-oriented initiative, such as donating a percentage of profits to a non-profit organization or partnering with a non-profit organization. Organizations have included human services, churches, center for homeless, affordable housing organizations, library association, etc.


Strategic planning, action planning, organizational strategy and measures
Facilitated a strategic planning and governance/bylaws revision process with a client. Worked with task force to redevelop direction statements, strategies, objectives, communication plan and organizational measures for assessing effectiveness.


Project management, industry and occupational research, workforce development/training
Founder and project manager, obtained funding and built capacity for a state-wide industry partnership that crosses all 10 of Pennsylvania’s priority industry sectors and focuses on the development & learning for specific occupations focused on physical security, cyber/IT security, emergency/disaster preparedness/management, continuity planning, fraud, forensics, safety, law enforcement/fire/EMTs. Identified high priority occupations, critical skills, and career progression/ladders. Coordinated providers & employers to improve the value & quality of training. Identified & addressed workforce development needs such as training. Developed network/partnership of employers. Consulted with economic development groups, county emergency management directors, local emergency planning committees, health systems (contingency planning), workforce development boards, law enforcement groups, professional associations and industry groups. Wrote state and federal grants and obtained $1.2MM for organization. Also obtained $384K in in-kind funding. Funds used for operations, new programs, outreach, training and website development.


Website development & maintenance
Developed and maintained websites for several organizations – non-profit, membership-based.  


Business planning
Consulting assistance regarding business plan development & locating business partners in U.S. for a coffee business to help Kenyan people develop sustainable income.


Facilitation of planning meeting to form an alliance
Facilitate a planning meeting for the formation of an alliance between two non-profit professional industry associations, including discussion of assets, knowledge, etc., issues concerns, and communication plan for during and after formation of the alliance.


Business planning; website development & marketing
Consulting assistance regarding business plan & product development. Website development and marketing for worldwide organization focused on teens/youth.


Board formation, structure & development
Consulted with the executive director of a newer mental health related non-profit regarding board formation, structure and board development.


Project planning & development of consulting service center
Conducted a survey of the membership of a chamber of commerce, then developed and “outsourced consulting & training service” to provide consulting services, training programs and a source for identifying consultants in a variety of disciplines, for the membership of the chamber.
Career advising for MBA’s
Provided career advising services to MBA students on a short-term basis to cover a staff member on leave.


Technical writing and guidebook development for leaders; Training for outdoor leaders
Designed and wrote several Leaders’ Guides, Volunteer Guides and Guidebooks for a non-profit out-door focused organization. Developed and facilitated outdoor leadership training programs for two organizations.


Strategic planning
Facilitated the internship center staff of a university through a strategic planning process, using hoshin planning tools. Action plan developed with timeline and key objectives for 18 month period, in addition to strategic plan.


Human resources research & coaching
Conducted research related to human resources concerns for non-profit organization. Worked with staff, provided coaching to resolve issues.


Strategic planning, action planning, governance, program evaluation
Facilitated a strategic planning process with a faith-based organization, including board members & senior staff. Process included the development of mission, vision, values, core competencies, strategies, objectives and governance recommendations as well as program effectiveness measures.


Directing biz-school program, teaching MBA’s, outreach to business owners and entrepreneurs, evaluating business plans
Started/directed a social entrepreneurship program. Responsible for developing & enhancing social entrepreneurship education, as well as focusing on social venture start-ups. Also responsible for extending gains of entrepreneurship to disadvantaged populations by building a network of entrepreneurs, students & alumni, government agencies, social services organizations, local businesses & financial organizations. Taught business and entrepreneurship to disadvantaged populations and MBA students. Managed social venture & invention convention business plan competition planning, and evaluated numerous business plans.


Strategic planning, organizational strategy and measures
Facilitated a strategic planning and governance/bylaws revisions process with a benefits related association client. Worked with task force to redevelop direction statements, strategies, objectives, communication plan and organizational measures for assessing effectiveness.


Social enterprise, business development
Consulted with various non-profits to develop their social venture business plans – to provide a sustainable income source to the organization. Also provided counsel to for-profit businesses who wanted to develop a mission-oriented initiative, such as donating a percentage of profits to a non-profit organization or partnering with a non-profit organization. Organizations have included: human services, churches, center for homeless, affordable housing, etc.


Program structure & development; grant proposal development
Facilitate partnership discussions between university staff and international non-profit. Pursued USAID grant. Provided consulting support to develop program structure for a non-profit supporting organization, two non-profits and four for-profit organizations centered on eco-tourism, youth development and cultural continuity in Ghana. Reviewed and provided feedback on strategic plan.


Fundraising planning, capacity building, project mgt., grant research
Provided consulting assistance regarding funding sources and best practices for: obtaining funding; business planning; project management for a start-up organization and capital campaign to build a peace academy in Jerusalem. Initiated and managed the development process/project for a fundraising-driven 3-D model DVD video.


Strategic planning - members and Board; board governance; program facilitation
Facilitated a strategic planning process with an outdoor recreation organization which also involved an environmental scan and SWOT analysis with over 100 of their members/stakeholders in order to collect information for the strategic planning process. Major action areas and priorities were developed, including an 18-month action plan and responsibility assignments. Facilitated Leadership training program – Included an assessment of leader style and topics of decision making/problem solving and teaching skills.


Organizational structure, capacity building
Provided consulting support to staff of a social services organization regarding organizational structure and human resources management. Developed a job competency model for staff and wrote performance measures for all competencies, in order to improve the effectiveness of the performance management process.


HR consulting, recruiting/staffing, case planning support
Provided outsourced human resources/recruiting & staffing services for a MH/MR/Dev human services client; recruited/staffed over 25 positions. Significantly reduced the number of open positions and reduced turnover of new employees. Wrote job descriptions for the entire organization. Also developed and wrote case plans/reports.


Development of organizational competencies & measures
Facilitated groups of employees to define job competencies and write performance measures for all competencies, in an effort to revamp the performance management process for a non-profit client.


Strategic planning
Facilitated a 1-day strategic planning session with a faith and education focused non-profit organization. Strategic objectives, timeframes and responsibilities were developed in this abridged strategic planning process.


Co-facilitated personality & spirituality program
Co-designed and co-facilitated a personality and spirituality program as part of the offerings from a religious non-profit organization.


Business planning; negotiation of strategic partnership
Consulting assistance – business plan development partnership planning and discussion regarding legal import/trade for a project to provide income to artisans in third world countries.


Board governance, organizational structure, leadership development
Provided consulting support to an international faith-based organization (located in U.S. Netherlands & S. Africa) regarding unification and management issues as well as strategic planning. Designed agenda for international board retreat to focus on developing organizational structure, leadership development and unification.


Strategy & planning for Training/Learning & OD Consulting functions
Developed initial strategy and action plan for training/learning function for national social service membership-based organization. Introduced concept of building a consulting function to serve members, which was implemented. Developed several consulting proposals.


Organizational structure, staffing plan, donor communication, social venture feasibility analysis, capacity building
Provided consulting support to the executive director of a new entrepreneurial youth center – one that is planning to be self-sufficient financially through various social enterprises including the sale of CD’s – recordings of youth bands, Café & Pizza Shop, Performance Studio and Dance Club. Developed organizational structure, staffing plan, donor letters and social enterprise capability overview. Center has been able to attract community leaders for mentors and businesses for funding.
Adventure-based team development
Developed and facilitated an “Adventure Day in the City” for a faith-based organization, with objectives of teambuilding, creativity and problem-solving. The program included a city-wide scavenger hunt with built-in challenges to solve and create, a debrief/process session, awards and a video program of the day.


Grant research, writing & administration
Provided consulting support to the grant-writing committee of a children/youth-focused human services agency. Wrote portions of the grant. Grant was obtained. For other clients, wrote a number of state training grants (5 states) and obtained $2.5MM in total funding. Conducted research for grants.


Board governance/development
Provided consulting advice and planning for the Executive Director of a mental-health services organization regarding board governance/development.


Strategic planning
Facilitated university team through a (20 hour) strategic planning process including identification of core strategies, prioritization of objectives, and initial planning.