Executive & Leadership Development

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Mentoring
  • Hi-Potential Development and Planning
  • Develop competency models for executives and leaders
  • Develop internship programs or youth outreach programs
  • Executive compensation analysis, structure & recommendations

An organization is often said to be only as strong or successful as its leaders. But the development of its leaders depends both on the initiative of the individual and the opportunities extended by the organization. We've worked with all levels of leaders, from the first-time, line supervisor to the most senior executives and multi-national leaders. We've worked with organizations to define what it is that makes leaders successful within that organization, as well as, within the larger business and world community.

Similar to the diagnosis of an organization, understanding what type, style, competencies, actions, decisions, skills, and knowledge are required of leaders or executives within a particular organization, is the first step. Second, we then work with Clients to understand the current leadership, whether an individual or a group - their motivations, goals, skills, knowledge, attitudes, vision, styles, in relationship to the organization's culture, goals, measures, expectations. We also work with a Client to understand possible opportunities, resources, commitments, priorities, so we can fit the leadership development work into the existing framework of the business, such as work on a merger and acquisition project to develop one's skills in that area, or perhaps a mentoring arrangement with an internal senior executive. Opportunities can be created outside of the business framework as well, for instance an external senior executive retreat or assessment/development initiative or mini-MBA program.

It's also important to focus on not only the leaders of today, but tomorrow's leaders as well - through succession planning, hi-potential development efforts, internships for college students, and youth programs (like job shadowing) for high school students. What bench strength does your organization have? We ask Clients to consider the breadth of skills among your current leaders and the depth (at lower leadership levels) of those same skills. We assist organizations that are interested in developing a succession planning process and hi-potential programs, internship and youth programs, as well as assess needs for leadership development at all levels within the organization. On an individual basis, we also provide confidential and highly engaging one-to-one coaching sessions for executives, and all levels of management, as well as for individuals who wish to explore development opportunities on their own.