Compensation (Rewards) Services

With recent compensation changes based on the new administration's changed regulations and new laws, certified compensation professional services are needed by a significant number of both businesses and non-profits. Some areas where organizations have been seeking expertise from consultants include:
  • Lilly Ledbetter Act affecting equal pay
  • Changes to executive compensation for bail-out companies (but also affecting those not receiving bail-out money)
  • Changes to COBRA and the reduced amount that former employees have to contribute
  • Legal issues with executive director pay for non-profits
  • Compensation analysis to ensure that salaries are in-line with the market
Other services we provide:
  • Using job descriptions and job requirements, conduct an external market analysis of current salary grades and compensation practices
  • Provide assistance in restructuring salary grade system - number of grades/bands, levels, % increases, promotions grids, merit increase grids
  • Align performance evaluation system with compensation and rewards - base pay, variable pay, etc.
  • Provide recommendations regarding total comp. packages for executives, high-potentials, etc.
  • Assess current practices and provide recommendations for better utilization of non-financial reward options
  • Assess current practices and conduct discussions with incumbents, to determine and provide recommendations regarding commissions and other incentive-based pay
  • Develop a Manager's Guide/booklet regarding restructured processes, including the following sections with forms and instructions: Base Pay - how is it determined Setting Expectations- competencies, responsibilities, goals Communicating Expectations & Performance Feedback Performance Management/Evaluation form Determining Base Pay increases, Variable/Bonus pay, Promotional increases Discussing Career Development plans/goals Other Compensation Options
  • Develop an employee Performance Guide - which outlines and provides directions and forms for:
    • job description format & how job descriptions are developed
    • how job requirements are determined
    • performance evaluation process and format
    • development and career options and opportunities
    • reward/compensation - how it's determined; increases, etc.
  • Research and provide options for benefits programs and insurance - life, directors, health, etc.