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C4IOE partners with Littler Mendelson, The National Labor Law Firm, and its attorneys to provide training and consulting services to Clients regarding compliance and labor law topics. Some examples of training programs appear below:  
Client Topic
C4IOE/Littler Topic
Suggested Length
Employment Discrimination
Preventing Discrimination – Ensuring Equal Opportunity in the Workplace
3 hours
Overview of FMLA and ADA
Complying with the ADA and
Untangling the Complex Web of Leaves of Absence
4 hours
4 hours
Employee Disciplinary Issues
Improving Performance, Managing Misconduct and
Lawful Terminations – Managing Critical Employment Decisions
3 hours
3 hours
Handling Complaints and Grievances
An Introduction to Union-Management Relations under the National Labor Relations Act or
Managing the Union-Free Workplace or
Managing in a Unionized Environment
4 hours
4 hours
4 hours
Employee Privacy Rights
Managing to Respect Employee Privacy Rights
4 hours
Workplace Violence
Preventing Workplace Violence (for Managers)
3 hours
Correcting Performance Problems
Improving Performance, Managing Misconduct
3 hours
Sexual Harassment
Preventing Workplace Harassment
3 hours
Right from the Start – Managing the Hiring Process
3 hours
(All of the above topics)
The Boss’s Survival Guide program
4 hours
(1 day opt.)
The last program mentioned above, and offered through the Littler Mendelson courses is the program based on the best-selling book by a Littler Mendelson attorney, called The Boss’s Survival Guide. The program is based on the content in the book.                                
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