International Management Consulting

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  • Mapping NGO initiatives and effectiveness within a region
  • International development
  • Multi-national human capital strategies and processes
  • Mergers and acquisitions (domestic & multi-national)
    • Integrating global operations, systems, processes
  • Downsizing - risk management and retention of
    • Talent
    • Knowledge
  • Multi-national leadership development
  • Cross-cultural appreciation/diversity
  • Language services/translators
  • Multi-lingual trainers/instructors
Working in multiple countries creates its own unique set of opportunities and challenges for Clients. It's difficult to be current on the customs, practices, laws and norms of doing business in multiple countries, for one. In a benchmarking study conducted by Development Dimensions International in 2000, which involved 206 global organizations like PPG Industries and United Parcel Service, the authors noted that the top global Human Resources challenges were:
1. Variations across cultures - social, political and economic
2. Variations in the perceived value of human resources (HR) 
     across various locations
3. Resistance to change across various locations
C4IOE helps Clients better understand the implications, as well as implement effective solutions for doing work across several countries and cultures. In the same study mentioned above, the following items were HR priorities for those global organizations:
1. Leadership development
2. Performance management
3. Recruiting high-quality employees
4. Employee retention
5. Building strong organizational values and corporate structure
We have experience working with individuals/organizations from or having operations in a variety of countries including: England, New Zealand, Germany, Mexico, Australia, India, Philippines, Netherlands, S. Africa, Monaco, Scotland and the United States.  Our consulting Associates also have experience in Asia as well as other areas of Europe and Russia.