Talent Development/Recruiting

"Ensuring that you have the right people in the right positions." We provide talent development and planning, recruiting and selection services including:
  • Define appropriate jobs/positions necessary for company objectives, growth, etc.
  • Ensure alignment of talent development with all other HR & organizational strategies
  • Provide training to staff in recruiting & selection process/practices
  • Define and develop recruiting and selection processes
  • Write job descriptions or provide structure/format/direction to groups writing job descriptions
  • Develop competencies (with behavioral indicators) and competency models
  • Develop job requirements for selection/hiring
  • Define criteria, behavioral indicators and evaluation methods for hiring - interview, written assessments, practical/performance tests
  • Provide recruiting and interviewing services
  • Develop interview tools/aids such as: 1) behavioral or scenario questions for interviews, 2) scripts for interviewers, 3) decision/evaluation forms, 4) reference check materials, 5) general correspondence letters to candidates
  • Write/develop employee handbooks, including company policies
  • Write company policies to comply with regulations and to fit the culture developed by the company