Workforce Development & Training

 We provide a variety of training and workforce development services to clients including:

  • Provide project management for large-scale, regional or state-wide workforce development initiatives
  • Design/develop training programs - virtually any topic because of our extensive consultant contacts
  • Design/develop training curriculum/materials (participant materials and trainers guides)
  • Individualized 1-1 coaching in virtually any topic/focus
  • Develop workforce development strategies
  • Manage workforce development collaborative community-based initiatives
  • Map/develop a process or model for integrating development with organizational competencies and business strategy
  • Ensure alignment with other HR strategies
  • Develop a individual development plans (IDPs)
  • Train internal groups to develop/write technical training curriculum
  • Provide training to trainers or presenters (generally involves several days and videotaped feedback opportunities)
  • Develop and facilitate an employee orientation program
  • Provide specialized training opportunities – e.g. experiential, off-site/adventure-based/outdoor training – generally geared to teams or leadership


Some programs require more or less research or assessment time with a Client. We also have modules that we can modify, customize or combine for Clients who are interested in less development time or costs. And we have access to thousands of online course modules, if our Clients prefer to have an online training program or system developed for their employees.

Our programs vary in length from a 1 hour lunch-time session to a week-long program. Some of our programs are extended out over several months, with one day of training per month. The important point is that we design and schedule the on-site programs to best suit the needs, objectives and schedules of our Clients.

Some example training topics we provide. For more topics, please contact us.

  • Workforce Trends & People Planning
  • Supervisor and Manager Training Programs
  • Leadership Development
  • Communication, Conflict Resolution, Teams & Collaboration
  • Diversity & Unity
  • Train the Trainer or Coach or Mentor