Assessments that drive strategic improvement for organizational success and individual growth.
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Individual / People Assessment
  • Leadership Assessment

In complex organizations today, it can be difficult to sort through many variables and determine priorities to focus on regarding improvement and change. The first step is assessing the scope of need for change or improvement against desired goals.

No matter where we begin work with clients, our processes include looking at metrics related to performance. We may
  • Look at employee performance data and divisional metrics
  • Analyze internal business and operations processes
  • Interview leaders and those closest to the customer
  • Assess skills, competencies and performance of individuals, leaders, and teams
  • Study and analyze job tasks
  • Research industry information regarding leading practices
  • Our processes are matched with client needs and resources, and aligned with organizational strategy.

    We offer and facilitate assessments of employees and leaders. Clients have access to validated assessment instruments through C4IOE.

    We assess performance by gathering and analyzing information about systems, people and processes.

    For instance, sometimes a board may contact us to ask us to assess and evaluate the performance of the CEO or Executive Director, or the entire Leadership Team.

    We provide recommendations for improvement or development (such as a report on Organizational Strategy, Leadership & Culture). We offer coaching services and facilitated planning for individuals, leadership teams, cross-functional groups and more to work through change processes.