Facilitated Planning

Strategic facilitation for organizational alignment and actionable solutions.

When we work with an organization, together with you we look at your strategic goals and operational / tactical information, so we can align the solution. We also facilitate work groups around planning or redirecting projects, or facilitate senior teams looking at specific organizational issues and opportunities. So, we help organizations by offering a process and facilitation tools to move toward consensus of solutions and to compel action toward success.

We provide our facilitated planning services at various Client locations – on-site, off-site, as part of a regular work-day or a separate retreat or conference.

Some examples of planning processes we facilitate

People Process Planning (HR Strategic Planning) – across the organization how to align people processes with organizational strategy and/or what talent / skills are needed in what roles, etc.

Training Plan & Guides / Knowledge Transfer Planning – building an enterprise-wide knowledge transfer strategy or for example, developing training guides for key roles

Strategic Planning – whether input is from internal team only or engaging the community or customers as well, we build consensus through the process. We can help ensure the plan is embedded through continued follow-on meetings with senior leaders, communication plan, development of key timeframes with responsibilities and other key aspects

Strategy Implementation Planning – generally we are working with leaders around how to engage global teams in implementation. More often, the challenge for organizations is implementing strategy, not developing strategy

Transformational / Change Planning – some of the things we might do related to an organization development project, we facilitate teams through organizational change and transformational processes, working with them to develop a common vision and goals, set up plans (i.e. systems, communication, training, etc.), and ensure goals are achieved

Business Planning – developing a business plan for example a new project or spin-off

Project Planning – for managing, re-directing a particular project, or bringing a variety of people or entities together for joint planning

Merging Entities – mergers of organizations

Operational Planning – taking the strategic plan and operationalizing it or developing plans for ongoing operations within the organization

Departmental Planning – for rolling up or down to/from the Strategic plan or Operational Plan

Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Key Competencies of the Organization – building consensus while developing or updating these