Change & Organization Development

Expert consulting for organizational development and effective change management strategies.
  • Organization Development / Organizational Effectiveness and Change
  • Performance Improvement
  • Aligning and Developing Processes and Strategies

When an organization needs to change or is changing in response to an opportunity or challenge…

When performance needs to be improved or people developed or engaged or there are changes to processes and systems….

…we provide the expertise and consulting support.

Organization Development is an evidence-based (scientific) structured process that bases change interventions or consulting solutions on data and information. It is not simply about making decisions or changes based on gut-feel. It is about developing effectiveness within an organization, and about creating readiness, capacity, and endurance for CHANGE that produces desired results across areas of people, strategies, systems, processes, and structures.

Here are some examples of our client projects involving a need for
Organization Development and Change:

Client that was moving toward an out of country acquisition and accompanying culture change. Client wanted to ensure the culture of the acquisition was integrated with culture of acquiring organization, without losing aspects of the newly acquired organization.

Client moving to more sustainable operational systems, equipment and practices needed to assess roles and skills needed across the organization, reskill the organization, and develop procedures and quality practices to operate effectively with the new systems and equipment.

Client was acquired by a private equity firm and needed to assess roles, skills, and performance of leaders, determine path forward with current or new leaders, and assist the organization in transition to new leadership, systems, and practices.

Client was dealing with high levels turnover across the organization, and was facing numerous open roles on continual basis. Performance and morale were suffering. The path forward that would move them out of current situation was not clear to client.

Client was looking to restructure the organization to streamline decision making and reduce layers of reporting. They were unsure how to approach: determining which roles to combine or eliminate; how to structure the organization with new department groups and relationships, which processes could be more efficient, what job tasks align with which roles, etc.

Client was moving toward divestiture of one unit (involving multiple products/brand) and an acquisition (multiple products/brand). Entire company was involved in multi-faceted change process. Talent acquisition and onboarding, offboarding talent, restructuring, re-skilling, various systems changes, marketing, communication planning, etc. Client wanted assistance to guide the process, and ensure alignment, efficiency, and effective movement through the transition.