Comprehensive talent solutions tailored to organizational strategies and goals.
  • Talent Management – Human Resources
  • People processes
  • Career Mapping – Building Career Maps
We are your People Solution provider!!

With Employee Life Cycle and Talent Management (Human Resources) processes, from inception and strategy to development, implementation, evaluating, or revamping, we work with you to assess the need, align with organizational strategies and goals, and develop solutions in all of these areas:

  • Strategic People Planning – Strategic HR Plans
  • Assessment of People Practices, Human Resources Audit
  • Assessment of People 
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Onboarding and Assimilation
  • Talent Role Definition and Clarity
  • Performance Systems (management & assessment)
  • Talent Development, Training and Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning & Processes
  • Retention
  • Career Mapping, Building Career Maps
  • Complaint Investigation
  • Talent Practices, Policies & Procedures

Working in partnership with you, we facilitate problem solving and analysis of People needs, develop strategy, programs, processes, and ensure alignment.

These are some examples of ways we have worked with clients around People / Talent processes that drive organizational performance:
  • Develop and implement a global workforce plan that takes organizational needs and priorities, cultural / country protocols, and changing environmental and market factors into consideration

  • Develop your organization into a “learning organization” where the culture, expectations, and accountability ensure that each person is a “teacher” and has knowledge to share with others within and outside of the organization

  • Assess / audit all HR processes and practices to ensure they are adding value, are efficient and effective, and aligned with organizational strategy, after strategic planning process has resulted in strategies related to people and culture

  • Revamp a performance / talent assessment process to ensure it is useful as a development and talent management tool, engages managers and their direct reports, and provides coaching to all regarding expectations of a culture of ongoing engagement around performance and improvement

  • Develop and align succession management, leadership development, role definition and competencies, and innovative development opportunities for key leadership positions across the organization

  • Define roles and ensure clarity of roles during and after an acquisition to provide direction and vision to people who are concerned about staff reduction and where they fit into the new organization

  • Recruit support for, engage leadership in, and develop onboarding processes that ensure effectiveness in recruitment, retention, and assimilation
Talent Management – Employee Life Cycle