Design & Writing

Expertly crafted materials and technical writing solutions for seamless knowledge transfer.

Aside from facilitating organizational change processes and the development of people, we provide Development of Content and Materials, and Technical Writing Services.

So, when you need to transfer knowledge, for example, between skilled senior employees, who may be retiring for instance, and new-hires, while they are on the job and with limited ability for training to happen in classroom time, our training processes help to create and improve consistency between trainers and trainees, ensure compliance with regulations, and provide the structure to sustain continuity of operations, productivity and quality while transferring knowledge.

Here are some examples of our design and writing solutions:
  • SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) – we have gone everywhere to write these – on land, on water, indoors, outdoors; thousands and thousands of pages. We develop procedures by listening to, observing and interviewing SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) who work in the role or use the equipment. We take photos and write procedures. We can also start with manufacturers’ manuals or procedures and work with clients to identify your nuanced processes and write the procedures to better align with in-house practices. We also work with clients to ensure procedure walk-down, verification and training. We have also written Abnormal and Emergency SOPs.

  • Training Guides – these are generally developed for key roles. Training Guides can be used by coaches / trainers and trainees and can include aspects like topic guides/templates, aligned/linked procedures, qualification standards, performance sign-offs, skills inventory, and customizable training schedules

  • Training Programs & Curriculum – we have designed and facilitated hundreds of topics of training (technical, leadership, and personal development / competency-based topics)

  • Instruction Guides / Overview Guides – these help to document directions or instructions or provide a helpful overview for a particular role, function, activity or location (for example, a Focus Group Leader guide or a VRBO property guide for guests)

  • Job Aids – specific job aid information (not a procedure) that provides some detail or helpful information for use in by someone in a particular role or job, or with equipment or processes, with or without photos

  • Self-Study Guides – information about a particular role or project or equipment that can be used by individuals for learning

  • Policies, Employee Policy Manuals and Handbooks – writing or updating policies or policy manuals for updated language and practices

  • Safety Manuals and Maintenance Manuals

We also train trainers and coaches how to use training guides, curriculum, procedures and more for training and coaching others.