C4IOE developed career maps and occupational descriptions for American Clean Power (ACP) by working across the sustainable/clean energy industry, involving member organizations of ACP in the development.  Careers span several sustainable clean industries including: 

Solar ACP_Clean-Energy-Career-Pathways-Catalog_Solar.pdf (cleanpower.org)
Land-Based Wind ACP_Clean-Energy-Career-Pathways-Catalog_Wind.pdf (cleanpower.org)
Offshore Wind ACP_Clean-Energy-Career-Pathways-Catalog_OSW.pdf (cleanpower.org)
Storage ACP_Clean-Energy-Career-Pathways-Catalog_Storage.pdf (cleanpower.org)
& Transmission ACP_Clean-Energy-Career-Pathways-Catalog_Transmission.pdf (cleanpower.org)

See the searchable / interactive occupations at:  Occupations Archive | ACP (cleanpower.org)

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