Client's Need
Vice Presidents and Presidents of global business units of one of the largest privately held US corporations (office products and food) were jointly interested in shared professional development and coaching related to strategy implementation and change across the enterprise.
Research / Assessment

With the executives, we discussed opportunities for change, performance improvement, development, and implementation of enterprise-wide strategy within business units and country regions. Worked with VPs and Presidents to assess readiness for change within their organizations and to assess the organizations’ abilities to implement strategy.

Design / Implementation

We provided advice and change support to VPs and Presidents, and facilitated discussions among those leaders to develop ways of moving through change challenges, as well as implement (not just develop) strategy more effectively. Discussed various organizational processes and structures that facilitate change and strategy implementation, including communication, organizational structure changes, education/training, systems, and resources aligned for best use, adoption of best practices, etc. within their organization.

Final Results

Early discussions with those executives found adoption of changed organizational practices and design of new processes they were facilitating toward desired goals. Challenges and potential solutions were identified, and worked through as an executive team. Several executives have assumed broader