Client's Need

The board of a nonprofit organization contacted us with their concerns regarding the staff leadership for their organization, organizational culture, and people and organizational practices, because of complaints received, lack of transparency, and need for performance improvement.

Research / Assessment

We interviewed the leadership team members and a few of their direct reports individually, and spoke to the executive committee of the board. We also assessed organizational practices and processes, reviewed a previously completed human resources audit, the organization’s strategic plan, objectives, metrics, and current performance.

Design / Implementation

We provided a comprehensive summary and recommendations report regarding the leadership team, organizational culture, and people and organizational practices. We recommended and coached the organization through exiting its head of the organization and several staff. Also, we developed and provided a full staff training and overview of recommendations, new practices, and newly formed leadership team. Coached and encouraged leadership team to develop joint planning practices, coached them through joint planning sessions to set goals and priorities for the organization, implementation, and tracking, and then followed up with them to check on progress.

Final Results

A year after changes were implemented, the client reported a complete change in morale across the organization. Employees across the organization are more engaged, productivity has increased, leadership team is transparent and involve staff in planning and execution, board is more engaged, and staff creativity and drive has increased and appeared in new programming and services benefitting the community.