Client's Need
Client contacted us about a multi-million-dollar project that had derailed, had multiple issues, and was struggling with forward momentum. Though the project was viewed as capable of being successful for the organization. Staff morale was waning.
Research / Assessment
Met with company senior leaders and project team leadership to assess issues with derailed project. Team felt that facilitated planning was needed and would be helpful to sort through the issues and get the project back on track. Also discussed integrating customer needs and creative thinking into planning process. And the need for planning around integration of a new acquisition.
Design / Implementation
Provided education to global executive leadership team on structured planning tools and facilitated the team through a planning process to refine vision, develop strategies, and develop objectives, timeframes, and responsibilities for the project. Also provided education to the cross-functional project team regarding structured planning tools and facilitated a project planning process with the group to move toward solving project issues, improving sales, and improving quality of the product and service. Another facilitated process we provided for this client was regarding a new acquisition and assisting them in assimilating both companies.
Final Results
The project, the product and service, had significant improvements and increased sales of $1M+ in first nine months after our processes were completed. The client had increased their business development efforts and also attributed increased sales due to the planning processes they completed with our assistance. And their newly acquired company was integrated successfully, while maintaining the joint planning and decision-making started during the planning process we facilitated.