Client's Need
Met with senior leadership to discuss opportunities at the healthcare system with culture change, succession management, leadership development, management skill development, organizational effectiveness and quality of services, and potential for developing new lines of business and growth. They believed and were interested in developing leaders to drive development of people and growth of the organization.
Research / Assessment
We assessed individual development needs of leaders using interviews, performance feedback and two assessments. We developed metrics for organizational effectiveness and growth, and looked at current performance of the organization. We assessed potential growth or business / market opportunities for the client.
Design / Implementation
In partnership with the client, we developed a leadership development process including 360 leadership evaluations and other assessments of leaders and facilitated didactic / classroom sessions in various topics identified as needs during assessment. We also taught teams around writing business plans for their projects, and we coached their project teams. We also provided a recommendations report, met with the senior leadership team regarding outcomes, and evaluated the process and its connection to the business goals. We developed Individual Development Plans (IDPs). Served as project manager, session facilitator (with other consultants), coached participants and served as an advisor to the senior leadership team. Facilitated the development and work of project teams to develop new business concepts/services for the health system, conduct research, vet the financials, and implement.
Final Results
Many of the leaders in the program were promoted to more senior roles after completing the development process (which also included greater exposure to executives and cross-functional responsibilities). Two of the team’s business plans were launched as projects for the healthcare system, and one netted the organization around $1M in the first year. Employees reported greater satisfaction across the system and more engagement with leaders and among employees. Executives were pleased with the development of the leaders in the cohort with positive change seen in reliability, confidence, and capability.