Client's Need

There was a significant need for productivity improvements at two locations of a Food Processor Client. There were management challenges of communicating with and leading and motivating a workforce of primarily English as a Second Language speakers (Spanish was native language for most), primarily originating from Mexico and Central America. Turnover was also a significant issue, around 55%, among the plant operations workforce.

Research / Assessment

Met with representatives from the workforce (ESL speakers) regarding concerns, abilities, culture, understanding of company strategy & objectives, and skill development. Conducted interviews and leadership assessments with all levels of leaders. Analyzed productivity metrics and need for improvement.

Design / Implementation

Designed and implemented a six-month Leadership development process for all levels of leadership at two of Client’s plant locations. Participants included approximately 230 people from first-line leader to executives. Designed and implemented a 360-degree leadership assessment process. Developed/facilitated programming for Spanish-speaking leaders. Prepared leaders to have discussions with their teams regarding the identification and development of potential productivity improvements for each department, and the implementation plans for those improvements. Developed/produced videos of leaders training their teams regarding productivity improvements – the leaders made presentations (including some ESL first line supervisors). Hired talent to translate videos into Spanish-speaking versions. Worked with leaders to integrate English/Spanish video learning for plant-wide training and coaching, and to facilitate ongoing dialogue regarding performance and productivity improvement.

Final Results

Involved leaders in productivity assessment and development process for all employees. Productivity metrics increased by 15% on average and were more stable at increased levels within 6 months. Reduced employee turnover by 35% pre-to-post development process. Increased and improved communication between management and workforce.