Client's Need

Senior leadership of Fortune 500 Consumer Products company told us they were interested in better performance against goals in Operations (manufacturing), particularly improved productivity, and having managers be able to diagnose issues within their teams and develop solutions.

Research / Assessment

We completed an analysis of issues with goal attainment, organizational effectiveness, and performance improvement at manufacturing plants across the enterprise. We discussed leadership development and succession management needs for the enterprise, as well as success metrics. And we assessed readiness for change.

Design / Implementation

We developed an organizational assessment and solutions process for use by operations managers with their teams. The process involved using a simple quadrant model to help them determine most likely reasons teams were not performing well against some goals/metrics, including productivity. And it also helped them to define best options for improvement interventions and changes. We developed and facilitated a nation-wide coaching/leadership training program, including 360 and personality assessments for all operations supervisors and managers at Client’s manufacturing plant locations. Program also taught these leaders how to use the assessment and solutions process and how to develop solutions within their teams. The program was developed as part of a change process to transition leaders to a more effective style of leadership.

Final Results

The assessment and solutions process adoption and use was so well received at the Client that it was recommended for a best practice for the entire corporation. Managers were better able to self-diagnose and assess what was needed by their teams to reach department goals. Solutions were generally grouped into categories of training/communication, direction/vision, motivation/reinforcement, tools/resources/processes, and others. Leaders improved their leadership & management skills through the program. Productivity improved as well as performance metrics within Operations.