Client's Need

Promotional products client was dealing with significant and steady turnover among its manufacturing/operations employees, the overwhelming time spent in constant turnover and talent acquisition for so many open roles, and the challenges with onboarding and training large numbers of employees.

Research / Assessment

We discussed and observed needs with managers and employees, particularly new hires. Determined that turnover was highest among newly hired (shortest tenure) employees, who revealed that onboarding and training was essentially non-existent because the organization was in a hurry to get people on the manufacturing line as soon as they were hired. Analyzed current procedures, training materials, and job aids where available that were used for training and communication with employees.

Design / Implementation

Worked with client to create an Employee Development Strategy, wrote hundreds of standard operating procedures for various manufacturing processes, developed training guides for specific roles. Also developed and facilitated training for all operations employees and their supervisors and managers, teaching leaders how to use procedures and training guides in training their teams.

Final Results

Over the course of twelve months, procedures and training guides were written, leaders were trained, onboarding process was developed and implemented, roles were defined between Human Resources and Manufacturing regarding preparing employees. About three months after the process of developing materials was completed and training was ongoing, leads and supervisors started to notice less errors, improved productivity, more satisfaction among employees, and less turnover. Client was pleased as turnover and production errors decreased, and employees of all tenures were taking more ownership in the quality of work.